Trending Wedding Colors for the Summer of ’17

Niagara Blue and White Wedding Color Ideas

Cozy and trustworthy, Niagara dominates the PANTONE Fashion color report as the most preferred color for the summer of 2017.  The desire to relax and take it easy, is very easily expressed when it comes to the timeless denim- like blue that is Niagara.

Blue is a very popular color for weddings and Pantone is even more popular because of it’s soothing nature.  Of the three most popular shades of blue for the summer of 2017, Niagara seems to demand the most attention.  It’s chic and very sophisticated which helps make it go well with some of the traditional colors like white, blush and cranberry.  Check out the top 5 Niagara blue wedding color combinations that might work for your big day in 2017!

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Wedding Color Trends for 2017

Are you Trendy?

If you have a wedding coming up, the colors you may choose could literally come from anywhere.  You may already have a color that you want, but what color will it work good with?  Don’t worry is you don’t know exactly what your wedding colors will be.  This article is designed to inspire your creative juices so you can find the best wedding trends for 2017.

chic elegant and rustic white and green wedding color ideas 2017 trends

How to Deal with a Wedding Vendor

3 Tips to EnsureYou Get the Best From your Vendor

If you are into reality shows, then you might think that being a “Bridezilla” is acceptable but this attitude is sure to turn your vendors off. Some vendors for weddings may even have a “get rid of them” policy if you just so happen to be “one of those brides.”

Giant Balloon Ideas for Your Wedding

Balloons are Great Decoration Ideas, even for Weddings

Balloons can trigger memories from your past birthday parties, proms, homecoming, and other important yet festive events.  You can go for a huge pop of color using different color balloons, or you can use some gentle pastel colors which happen to be the “in” thing for this season.  You may even choose to decorate your balloons with stars, flowers or even glitter.  You will be hard pressed to find a guest that did love the balloon ideas.  Check out some ideas below.  Enjoy!