What is a Gobo?

A gobo or monogram is made of metal or glass.  The gobo/monogram is cut so light can pass through the cut portion with a special projector.  The projector needs a high amount of lumens in order to shine bright. As a result, the cut portions of the gobo illuminate on a flat surface.

Monograms are very popular when displaying names, initials, logos, at a wedding, corporate event, private party or school dance.  In addition, each gobo is customized to the meet the needs and wants of the individual client.

Even more light passes through the transparent slide and lens.  The end result is it displays an image that is large.  Likewise, this large image is projected onto any type of smooth surface such as a wall, ceiling, floor or pipe and drape. Furthermore, gobo projectors are used for both inside and outside.

Most noteworthy, you just have to make sure the light on the projector is strong enough to display outside. In contrast to displaying the gobo outside, the lumens must be higher because of the sun.

Furthermore, gobo projectors are used outside, which are a little different than the one used inside.

A Monogram for Outdoors?

In contrast to the indoor version, the outdoor versions of the projector are water proof.  However, they are just the beginning.  Monograms are way cool, but Vivid Monograms are a game changer.

Vivid Monograms take words, numbers, dates, designs and animates them.  While most monograms are displayed via a projector, some are displayed on an LED monitor or television.   Due to the digital nature of vivid monograms, they are designed through software.  Therefore they are customized with the style of lettering, colors, and the design in the background

In conclusion, adding a monogram to your event adds some flare.  Even more, the vivid monogram adds that much more excitement to the monogram.