St. Louis Corporate Event DJ’s

Your Complete St. Louis Corporate Event DJ's Company!

St. Louis Corporate Event DJ’s

Party Pros offers St. Louis Corporate Event DJ’s that  are 100% dedicated to offering an unparalleled experience.

Furthermore, if you are having a team build, picnic, holiday party, sales promotion, theme party or Party Pros will inject the fun to your event.

While our St. Louis Corporate Event DJ’s will deliver a remarkable, high-end performance with complete professionalism.  Moreover, while reflecting your brand in the most positive light possible.

Choose Your music for Your St. Louis Corporate Event DJ’s

We can “read” the crowd and know what type of music to play.

In addition, you can create a list of music before the party or we can take request from the company during the party.

Finally, our multi-talented St. Louis Corporate Event DJ’s know exactly how to interact with the people at your corporate event!  In conclusion, your event will be one your staff will be talking about for years to come.

All things considered, leave all of your corporate event entertainment planning to the professionals, the Party Pros.

Here is a brief list of some of our corporate clients.

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Our St. Louis Corporate Event DJ’s are Professional and FUN!

The Party Pro’s has been providing professional entertainment services for our clients for over 20 years.  We are experts at making your company party a success.

In conclusion, it would be a smart decision to choose Party Pros for your next event.  Entertaining is not just our job, it is what we do!  Most noteworthy is the different services we have to keep your guest entertained no matter the event.

Please feel free to contact us for pricing and availability. 314-303-9635.


Company Picnic

Company Holiday Party / Christmas Party

Staff and Team Building Events

Formal Black Suite and Tie Ball Celebration

Conference and Networking Entertainment

Client Customer Appreciation Event

Charity Events – Non Profit Event Disc Jockey Service

Audio / Visual Equipment

Sound System

Special effects lighting

Projector and Screen Rentals

Wireless and Hardwired Microphone(s) with stands

Stage Rental

Stage Lighting

Podium Rental

Up Lighting

Slow Motion Video Booth

Photo Booth

Services We Can Provide





Theme Party’s


School Dance DJ

St. Louis' #1 School Dance Entertainment Company

School Dance DJ’s

As the number 1 school dance DJ’s in  St. Louis, Party Pros is a full time entertainment company.  Furthermore, we have top notch high energy school dance DJ’s specializing in school events and dances.

While you may think of a school dance as just for high school dances, proms, homecoming or winter formals, we also entertain for elementary and middle schools.  Hence no school dance is to small or too big for that matter.

Due to Party Pros being around for 20 years, we have done TONS of school dances.  As a result we know how to keep the energy up and keep the kids dancing by playing the most current school safe songs.

Most of all, Party Pros are crowd motivators.  Party Pros equipment is state of the art, and we have tons of lighting and special effects equipment available upon your request.

In conclusion, our experience and equipment to make any school event one that the students and faculty will be talking about.

Especially relevant to our school dances are the upgrades.  Most of all, with a super surround sound system, nightclub light shows and huge projected screens with a massive music video collection.

Rather than hiring the typical school dance DJ, hire the Party Pros.

We play only radio edited music.

Top Dance & Most Request Songs

Please click here to down the “Most Requested Songs“.


Call and ask about our “special” for your school next dance. 314.303.9635

Play lists from the School Dance Network.


Some of the Best Wedding DJ’s St. Louis has to offer

Our Wedding DJ's St. Louis make your Dreams Reality!

 Wedding DJ’s St. Louis

Being the best Wedding DJ’s St. Louis  has to offer, is something Party Pros sets out to do each and every time we perform.  First of all we are completely dedicated to making your wedding reception unique and extraordinary because it is our passion.  All of our Wedding DJ’s St. Louis, know how important flow is with the music.

For one thing, your wedding should be a reflection of your love story.  We can help highlight the outstanding qualities and the absolute memorable times that distinguishes your story from anyone else’s.

Most of all, we can create blissful moments by injecting your personal signature to the wedding traditions, while making it exclusive and fresh!

Furthermore, the formalities and announcements our DJ’s inject their personalities into which distinguishes us from other companies.  Party Pros has the best Wedding DJ’s St. Louis has to offer and our specialty is making your wedding reception the one you have always dreamed of.

Enjoy your own Reception

Also, our DJ’s will make certain that you are in the right place at the right time while looking your absolute best.  In addition we assure you that you will enjoy your reception with all of your family and friends.

Rather than you coordinating with all your wedding vendors, let us coordinate with the other wedding professionals.  While you enjoy every millisecond of your celebration, the flow of the wedding is up to some of the best wedding DJ’s St. Louis has to offer.

As a result, our professionals are there to keep the celebration of your lives together running almost effortlessly.  Especially since you are there to party on the most important and unforgettable night of your lives!

Free Wedding Planning Worksheet

We offer a free wedding planning worksheet that will cover all of your music selections, sound and lighting preferences, announcements, and the order of events.

Let some of the best Wedding DJ’s St. Louis has to offer do what we do best.

Therefore, your wedding ceremony and wedding reception run smooth and worry-free.  We understand that every wedding is unique and different.  As a result, our wedding planning worksheet gives YOU the ability to customize your wedding the way you want it.

Wedding Planner Reception & Ceremony

Note: Since the link above is downloadable in Microsoft Word, please download the file and type in your information and email it to

Also, we offer the top 200 most requested songs which help you create the music playlist of must plays, play if possible, and do-not-play list.

Wedding Consultation

Most of all after you book us, we will be happy to meet with you in person or over the phone.  In addition, for your convenience we can set up a consultation appointment about two months before the big day.

During our meeting, we will discuss all of the formalities of your event: what you visualize for your wedding ceremony and reception and how Party Pros can make sure everything is exactly the way you want it, step by step. Please call us at (314) 303-9635 to schedule your free appointment.

Super Experienced which means Worry Free for You

In conclusion, we are the Party Pros so that means you won’t have to worry about anything because we take care of it all.

At our free wedding consultation 2-3 months before your wedding we will sit down with you to hammer out all the details you want to infuse into your special day.

Most noteworthy your DJ will have the knowledge and experience to produce the wedding that will be exactly what you imagined.

In addition all of our Wedding Packages Include:

  • 2 – Professional Surround Sound Dance Floor DJ Speakers.
  • 1 – Wireless Microphone (microphone stand available upon request)
  • 1 – Wired Microphone (microphone stand available upon request)
  • 1 – Dance Floor Sound Syncing MultiColor LED DJ Light Bar
  • 1 – Dance Floor Sound Syncing Laser
  • 1 – T Bar with 4 Multi-Color LED par cams with Controller
  • 1 – Professional Disc Jockey / Emcee (includes 4 or 5 hours Entertainment)
  • 1 – Digital Music Library
  • 1 – Access To Over 25 Million Songs (must have access to Wi-Fi)Special Enhancements for Your Wedding Customize your wedding to reflect the uniqueness that reflects you and your spouse.

Hence these options are included in some of our different packages that will take your wedding reception to the next level!

Slow Motion Video Booth

Photo Booth

DJ St. Louis


Wedding DJ St. Louis

Up Lighting

Wedding DJ St. Louis

DJ Facade

Wedding DJ St. Louis

Special Effects & Dance Floor Lighting

Wedding DJ St. Louis


Wedding DJ St. Louis

Karaoke Music Listing

Party Pros4

Also we would love to hear your ideas about your wedding!  Call us at 314-303-9635 or Email Us @ and let’s find out how we can help make your fairy tale vision of that perfect wedding day become your reality!

Top Dance & Most Request Songs

DJ Intelligence Most Requested All 2018

Party Pros Top 200 Most Requested Songs


How To Book A Mobile DJ Company

This is a free audio podcast that will take you through the step-by-step process on how to book a professional DJ company:

Episode Number #1 – How To Book A Mobile DJ Company (click here to listen to it on your computer)

Episode Number #1 – How To Book A Mobile DJ Company (download for free in I-Tunes)

Up Lights are Decorative Lighting

Change the Look of Your Venue with Up Lights

Up Lights Elevates The Mood

Up Lights are a great way to elevate the mood for your event.   First of all, when you are thinking about the decor for your venue, you want something your guests will remember.  In addition, it is important to set your event out from other events that your guests have attended.

Due to most people having not so good a memory, they will remember three things about your event.  Most of all, the food, the venue, and the entertainment.  And if you are having a wedding, you can use the previous three and add on wedding dress.

The venue may or may not come with up lighting.  Most venues do not.  Because up lighting is intricate you would want to ensure that your up lighting has a controller.  Another way to create a memorable venue is if you add a monogram.

Almost always you can find a company that offers up lights, but they typically don’t have a controller.  The controller allows the DJ or light attendant can control the color of the lights.

Have your Up Lights Reflect Your Colors

Most noteworthy is if your event has specific colors, the up lights can correspond to reflect whatever those colors are.  For example, your wedding colors may be blue, white and yellow.  Because you hired an entertainment company that offers the controller, you can have those colors alternating with your up lights.  The entire room will be warmed up with the colors you chose for your wedding.  How awesome is that?

Up Lighting has a tremendous effect on the mood of you and your guests.  This effect is something that people will not ever forget.  They will always remember how they felt that night at your birthday party, school dance, wedding, or corporate event.

Your Guests Will Always Remember Your Up Lights

Especially relevant is the amount of up lighting you decide to choose.  Anytime you are looking to add up lighting, you want to have them in even numbers.  The light controller works best when the up lighting are pairs.  It is not a good idea to do an uneven number of up lighting for that reason.

In conclusion, up lighting can transform the venue to leave your guests in awe.  That feeling they have they will never forget.  That is the type of feeling you want them to have when they leave your event.

Up Lighting Creates the Mood

Transform your venue with Up Lighting

Up Lighting Creates the Mood

Up Lighting are lights that sit on the floor and shine up ward on a wall, pole, or on pipe and drape.   Lighting is all about creating or setting the mood.   Up Lighting with a monogram would be especially relevant to creating mood.

First of all, lighting helps create the mood for any setting.  Think about it.  The movies has low lights to set the mood for the movie.  Fancy restaurants typically have low lighting to set the mood for intimacy.

Up Lighting has the same effect.  In addition, you can change the color of the up lights with a controller.

Rather than having the same color of lights through out your wedding reception, we highly recommend a light controller.

Up Lights Changes Colors?

While dinner is going on, you can have one color, maybe your wedding colors.  After dinner, you can change to another set of colors to help set the mood for the formal portions like first dance and cake cutting.

Most of all, with a light controller, you can really turn up the energy during your dancing portion of the reception.

Your DJ should have some additional lighting for the dance floor, but the up lighting will help accent the dance floor lighting.

Also the up lighting could sync with the music.  That means the up lighting changes colors that corresponds with the beat of the music.  Or your DJ may just change the lights themselves when it comes time for the dancing.

As a result, the mood is created to get people out on the dance floor.   This may inspire your guests who normally do not dance, to get out and dance.  They feel compelled to with all the lights going.

In conclusion, up lighting will help create the mood during your dinner, during the formalities and during dancing.  If ambiance and setting the mood is important to you then you will definitely want to get some up lights.

10 Exciting Ways to Entertain Children at Your Reception

Fantastic Ideas that Can Let the Kids be Kids

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The details of the brides wedding happens months before it ever appears in the physical form.  Brides typically can spend months thinking over what style of dress will she wear to what type of entertainment she may want.  Every napkin in it’s proper place, along with every guests so that everyone is pleasant on this day of happiness.

You would think everything and everyone is account for, right?  Well, unless you specify there might be children attending your wedding.  Especially parents with multiple children because it is almost impossible to find a babysitter that you can trust to watch over you precious little angels… but none the less, they should have fun too.

Here are things you may want to try to keep the children entertained so that the adults can have fun too!