What is a Slow Motion Video Booth?


Slow Motion Video Booth is the hottest, latest, newest trend!  Slow Motion Video Booth is like a photo booth but like a photo booth on steroids.

In addition, your personal video will be something your friends, and family will not ever forget.  This moment in time will forever stand out to them because this will probably be their first time experiencing something like that.

While the photo booth is pretty popular and more well known, the video booth is so much more interactive.

Instead of taking pictures, it records video of you, family and friends in the booth acting a complete fool.  In addition to the craziest and zaniest behavior, Party Pros provides the best props and direction from our skilled attendants.

Furthermore, our professional attendants direct you and your guest to create motion so the playback is full of things to look at.

We will have you select a licensed song so you can share on social media without any issues.  If you share something

After your wedding or corporate event is complete, we then take all the footage to our professional editor.  Our editor then takes the footage to time it all out so that it goes perfectly with the music.

Our editor takes the footage and meshes the slow motion video with real time video and edit the best scenes from the night to comprise of one video.

As a result you will have your very own personal music video starring your family and friends! 

In conclusion, slow motion video booth ends up being a music video in short.  It captures some of the best moments from your wedding reception, especially if there is any type of cocktails involved.  Call Party Pros today for your FREE slow motion video booth consultation!



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