Up Lights are Decorative Lighting

Change the Look of Your Venue with Up Lights

Up Lights Elevates The Mood

Up Lights are a great way to elevate the mood for your event.   First of all, when you are thinking about the decor for your venue, you want something your guests will remember.  In addition, it is important to set your event out from other events that your guests have attended.

Due to most people having not so good a memory, they will remember three things about your event.  Most of all, the food, the venue, and the entertainment.  And if you are having a wedding, you can use the previous three and add on wedding dress.

The venue may or may not come with up lighting.  Most venues do not.  Because up lighting is intricate you would want to ensure that your up lighting has a controller.  Another way to create a memorable venue is if you add a monogram.

Almost always you can find a company that offers up lights, but they typically don’t have a controller.  The controller allows the DJ or light attendant can control the color of the lights.

Have your Up Lights Reflect Your Colors

Most noteworthy is if your event has specific colors, the up lights can correspond to reflect whatever those colors are.  For example, your wedding colors may be blue, white and yellow.  Because you hired an entertainment company that offers the controller, you can have those colors alternating with your up lights.  The entire room will be warmed up with the colors you chose for your wedding.  How awesome is that?

Up Lighting has a tremendous effect on the mood of you and your guests.  This effect is something that people will not ever forget.  They will always remember how they felt that night at your birthday party, school dance, wedding, or corporate event.

Your Guests Will Always Remember Your Up Lights

Especially relevant is the amount of up lighting you decide to choose.  Anytime you are looking to add up lighting, you want to have them in even numbers.  The light controller works best when the up lighting are pairs.  It is not a good idea to do an uneven number of up lighting for that reason.

In conclusion, up lighting can transform the venue to leave your guests in awe.  That feeling they have they will never forget.  That is the type of feeling you want them to have when they leave your event.

Slow Motion Video Booth

Better than a Photo Booth

If you haven’t heard of a Slow Motion Video Booth, you have been missing out.  Slow Motion Video Booth is similar to a photo booth except you are being recorded.  When you step in the booth you have 7 seconds to act has crazy, goofy and as silly as you possibly can.  We would have all the correct props to look good in slow motion.

The concept is pretty simple, everyone that enters the booth for those 7 seconds will end up on the final cut.  We take all the clips from the event and edit it over music.  Now you have your own personalized music video starring you and your friends and family.  What a better way to remember an event all be it a wedding, class reunion, birthday party, corporate event or any occasion.

Slow Motion Video Booth is much more interactive than a photo booth.  Instead of thinking of poses to do, you just do the silliest thing you can think of in that moment.  The sillier the better.  If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.

Wedding Table Decor Ideas

Transform any Table to Fit Your Colors

Everything pertaining to your wedding is about the “look”.  You want everything to be absolutely stunning just like you.  When it comes to decorating the tables for your reception, do you want something traditional or non-traditional?  The table settings can definitely give your venue the look you may want.

But with so many choices and options, which one will work best for you and your colors?

Here are some exciting examples of what your wedding reception tables could look like.  These table settings are from a local reception hall that Party Pros is proud to be the preferred DJ company for, called Tapawingo.  It is in St. Louis Missouri and it is a beautiful golf course with a banquet hall.

Not only is Tapawingo a beautiful venue but it has fabulous food too.  Please enjoy these examples of table settings from the Tapawingo Tasting.

Trending Wedding Colors for the Summer of ’17

Niagara Blue and White Wedding Color Ideas

Cozy and trustworthy, Niagara dominates the PANTONE Fashion color report as the most preferred color for the summer of 2017.  The desire to relax and take it easy, is very easily expressed when it comes to the timeless denim- like blue that is Niagara.

Blue is a very popular color for weddings and Pantone is even more popular because of it’s soothing nature.  Of the three most popular shades of blue for the summer of 2017, Niagara seems to demand the most attention.  It’s chic and very sophisticated which helps make it go well with some of the traditional colors like white, blush and cranberry.  Check out the top 5 Niagara blue wedding color combinations that might work for your big day in 2017!

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